Tino Loud: ‘Second Chances’

Tino Loud finally releases his well anticipated ‘Second Chances’ mixtape. Following up his romantic fairytale themed ‘Cuffing Season’ project with rising trap princess Rico Nasty, ‘Second Chances’ is a smooth transition into to a more personal, detailed concept. Featuring stellar production from names like IDBeatz, Filthy Rich, ISM Beats, among others, the overall sound of the project as a whole is extremely diverse and well put together. It’s no surprise that we would find another feature from Rico Nasty as well as assistance from a few of Tino Loud’s fellow DMV stars in Big Flock, WillThaRapper, and SanOGram. From start to finish, Tino Loud is locked in and focused on reciprocating his sentiments onto his listeners and providing layers of himself throughout the course of the mixtape. Coming strong with a calming intro, debating distancing himself from his past troubles on the Rico Nasty assisted ‘TTG’ record (Prod. By Snax Beats) to the high levels of confidence as seen on ‘My Name’ (Prod. By DC On Dat Track & Tee On The Beat), Tino Loud’s efforts insinuate his rapid growth as an artist as well as an obvious improvement in his songwriting, delivery, and creative skills. Tino continues to incorporate his life experiences within his records and touch on topics such as early life with his mother and the inspiration she provides on the Tupac influenced ‘Dear Mama’ Ft. JTG (Prod. By Izze On The Beat), street gossip on ‘Rumors’ (Prod. King Meezy), as well as love – of course – on ‘Biggie & Faith’ (Prod. By ISM Beats). All of these components matched with Tino’s undying love for his craft are the biggest reasons for his successes as of late. If you haven’t had the chance to checkout Tino Loud and his catalog of hits, I highly suggest you get to it asap. If you’re already invested into Tino’s career, then you’ve already experienced the goose bumps his new content generates, track after track. Get hip to a hidden gem; after all, we could all use a second chance on something.Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 6.21.55 AM

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